Pack Your Running Shoes in That Hotel Overnight Bag!

You are away from your daily life, which may or may not contain a regular fitness plan, and also sometimes away from the spouse and kids too, so why not burn a few calories during your hotel stay.


A pair of running shoes, socks, shorts and top take up less space than your toiletries, so no excuses about them not fitting in your suitcase or duffel. It is even so little space used, that you cannot be upset if you don’t get that jog in.


Thirty minutes of leisurely walking burns a whopping 175 calories, and that is if you weigh 150 pounds. At the 200 pound mark, you are burning 234 calories. Imagine if you walk your way through an entire TV movie or the morning news, conveniently playing right in front of your eyes, with the controller in your hand, that is 600-1,000 calories! If you are feeling especially zealous, consider a hearty jog and weight lifting for double the calorie burn.


The numbers are one thing, but consider the strong sense of accomplishment you will feel as you return to your hotel room to enjoy the unforgetable dual headed showers at the Timberlake Lodge. Instead of lazying on the hotel bed (we know it is tempting at Timberlake, but still), get your bum in gear and make the stroll to the Fitness Center. Also, skip that elevator and USE THE STAIRS!

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