Music on the Patio is Good for Your Health

There’s something to be said for live music in the summer sun, especially with the experience comes with a server that delivers food and drinks at your request. You and all your new best friends sitting back and taking in the sounds and sights. Nothing to set-up or clean-up, just pure simple enjoyment.

CARDIOVASCULAR BENEFITS  Music doesn’t just bring joy to the listener, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, it also has cardiovascular benefits. Researchers found that the emotions aroused by music have an effect on the function of blood vessels, similar to that initiated by laughter. The inner lining of the vessels dilates and thus blood flow increases. For music that is not perceived as enjoyable, but rather stressful, blood vessels narrow and blood flow decreases.

Results showed that while the joyful music increased blood vessel diameter by as much as 26%, while the music inciting anxiety only narrowed the vessels by 6% on average. The participants in the study overwhelming selected country music as the music that evoked joy, while heavy metal was the music genre that caused the most anxiety. Researchers agreed that this generalization does not necessarily reflect the general public since we are all wired differently, and thus react differently to different music.

MUSIC THERAPY  In further studies, music was found to be a powerful form of therapy. Listening to music has a profound impact in the listener’s state of mind including regulating anxiety and depression and promoting creativity and optimism, in addition to the many health benefits such as boosting immunity and easing muscle tension. The health care field is recognizing the benefits of using music therapy to heal patients with ailments from cancer to Attention Deficit Disorder. Research shows that music with a faster beat increases concentration and alert thinking while slower tempo induces a calm, meditative state. Most music has a combination of these tempos, and therefore requires the brain to change its state quickly. This has lasting effects on you long after you have stopped listening to music, as you are training your brain to change pace quickly.

LIVE MUSIC AT TIMBERLAKE LODGE Now that you fully understand the benefits derived from listening to music, mark your calendars for music on the patio at the 17th Street Grill at Timberlake Lodge. Boosh, a trio of brothers, is back again this summer starting June 20th, the first day of summer, and returning July 18th, August 2nd and August 23rd. They play a thrilling assortment of acoustic covers. Rockin’ Retros, a local rock ‘n roll four man group, will also play June 28th. Join us for one or all from 6-10pm on the patio at the 17th Street Grill, 144 SE 17th Street, Grand Rapids, MN. For more information or to make reservations, please call 218-326-2600.


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